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Toilet Treater continues to produce innovative and unique bathroom products, with the introduction of the Breezyseat, featuring a revolutionary odor barrier that keeps smells where they belong - inside the unique toilet seat. BreezySeat's ingenious patent pending design and proven odor destroying technology is the perfect solution to the embarrassing problem of unpleasant odors in your bathroom.

BreezySeat makes the ordinary bathroom extraordinary. The fresh scent leaves you feeling clean and refreshed every time you use the bathroom. BreezySeat saves you money and time because there's no need to buy costly bathroom air freshener sprays, scented candles and other ineffective products that merely mask odors.   With BreezySeat there are minimal replacement products that are 100% biodegradeable, making the BreezySeat economical and eco-friendly.

The BreezySeat's increased seating height, makes it easy and comfortable to use. BreezySeat is also completely self-contained and requires no outside power, making it convenient and easy to maintain.   And the high quality construction and modern art-deco style adds the finishing touch to any bathroom.

Discover what so many people are saying about this unique toilet seat, "Once you experience a BreezySeat you won't settle for anything less!"
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