The Breezy Seat


While office chairs are designed to promote proper posture, with their standard foam they do not offer much in the way of pressure management. However, with Breezy Seats patented Sil Air silicone foam, you get much better circulation, providing more comfort and better health with less fatigue.

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Over the years, Americans have become more sedentary. But, they haven’t always spent time sitting in the right type of chair. The lack of lumbar support or adequate padding in many chairs means that sitting for long periods can be hard on your body. Back pain, reduced circulation in your legs, and pain in your rear end can all occur as a result of sitting in an improper seat for too long.

Working From Home: The perfect solution.

Recently more and more people have been forced to work from home. Many of these people do not have the type of ergonomic office chair that they need to prevent pain or discomfort. Additionally, these types of chairs can be expensive and unaffordable for many. So oftentimes people simply try to make do with what they have.

Adding a lumbar or back support pillow, using additional dining chair cushions, or trying to put pillows in a seat are all potential ways to make things more comfortable. However, these do-it-yourself methods can be hot and cause problems with posture or pain in the shoulders.

The Breezy Seat was designed to be used in any type of seat or chair to increase comfort and provide support. Rigorous testing and refinements have been made to ensure that The Breezy Seat can make working from home more comfortable. It can also be used by truck drivers, on long car trips, or in any seating situation.

The Breezy Seat is the affordable, dependable way to get the support you need without breaking your budget. Don’t spend another day working in an uncomfortable chair or set out on that next road trip without adding The Breezy Seat.

best office chair for back pain
best office chair for back pain

Sil-Air Foam Technology

Patented Sil-Air silicone foam is a unique material that has great pressure management properties and allows air flow throughout. This amazing material is impregnated with silver to prevent mold, mildew, and bacteria. One of the unique qualities of the Sil-air silicone foam is that silicone does not allow heat build-up, like traditional Polyurethane and polyethylene foams. All of this leads to a product that greatly reduces pressure allowing for better circulation, and reduces heat build-up making for a much more comfortable day with less fatigue.

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